Ummm…. this is my first time doing this? How do I even start?

Well, hello to who ever is reading this. This is my very first blog post. This is a place where I can let out my thoughts, write about stuff that I find is interesting.

You might be wondering, why am I doing this? To be completely honest I am not really sure. For the last new months I have felt this urge to just express myself. As I am writing this, I can only speculate a few reasons why I got this feeling.

For one, I personally enjoy reading some blogs and newsletters myself. Some of those include are Yes Theory, Ali Abdaal, Farnam Street, and many more (pretty sure I am subscribed to 15+ newsletters).

Secondly, during the first few months of lockdown I felt like I was using my phone WAYYYY to much. So I decided to remove all social media from my phone. This has definitely helped me to use less social media, however I started to feel like I wanted to express myself. I know it is kind of ironic, since if you actually follow me on social media I don’t really post anything.

Finally, I just think it is really cool to have some place on the internet that I can call mine, where I am free to post about whatever I want.

So I decided to start setting up this website. So I started to research some free themes on Github, and found this one called Clean Blog Jekyll. I think this theme looks great, and it is super easy to create new posts.

Well, so here is my blog. I am planning to posting a blog somewhat regularly on topics on technology, finance, and investing.

Thanks for reading! - Sidharth