Today (actually probably like 30 minutes ago), I somewhat impulsively decided to get my own domain name for my website:, and also, which should just simply forward to I have setup the redirect, but it does not seem to be working right now. Hopefully it works when this post is actually made.

I have been thinking going “All in” on this website for a while, and purchasing a domain for my website. And then as a catalyst, Ali Abdaal, released a new video called How to Make a Website for Free - EVERYTHING You Need to Know, where he talks about why you should have a personal website, how to create a website, and what to do with your website. Although I was pretty familiar with this context, I watched his video, and just decided to buy the domain right then and there. Funny enough, I already had the domains in my Shopping cart on the Google Domains site.

Transitioning the my website from to was actually pretty straight forward. I just followed the instructions provided here. Although the UI shown in this blog post I was able to get up and running fairly easily.

And honestly, the first time I went to, and my website loaded, I was trilled. I know its small thing, but it is so much nicer seeing in the address bar than seeing Not only that, now if I want to tell people to find my website, all I have to say is to go to (or, but you get the point) rather than

You might be wondering why I choose to forward (or redirect) to The reason for this is is just so much shorter than I think this would make it much easier to remember to find my website. Additionally, I think that it would be very easy for someone to type “sidbav” in their address bar versus “sidharthbaveja”. Most people probably don’t know how to spell my full name, whereas most people should be able to easily handle spell “sidbav”. Finally, my Twitter, and Instagram handles are sidbav, so it just makes everything consistent across all platforms.

Finally, now I own my own domain name, I now truly have my own space to write whatever I want on the internet That, I have to say is pretty cool.

Well, thats pretty much it. I think I am going to continue to tinker with this website, perhaps setup some analytics or something like that, I plan on documenting the process, so stay tuned for that.