TL; DR: is a newsletter that pays you to complete tasks and tutorials. I write about how the proof of work task helped me get out of my slump.

April 26: This past week was I was not productivity at all; I was simply wasting my time.

This entire week, rather than doing something useful, like working on my resume, applying to internships, reading a book, or learning something new, I just sat around and watched YouTube videos or scrolled through some stupid social media feed. I simply could not find the motivation to do something productive.

Additionally, now that it is spring, every morning I aim to wake up around 06:30 - 07:00, and then go on a run. I give myself two “cheat days” where I can miss the run. On these days, I go on walks instead on these days, or I just end up staying at home those mornings. There are weeks where I only run 4 out of 5 days, and end up taking 3 cheat days, but that only happens every few weeks.

However, this week, I simply did not have the motivation to go on a run. Each morning, I woke up and dreaded getting out of bed, and having to put on my running shoes. I attempted to pushed myself through the run however, after a minute or two I would give up and just walk. This was happening every single day this week; I was in a rut.

That changed on Friday though, I woke and checked my email and I saw an email with the Subject: 💰 Earn $10 in BTC for your proof-of-workout. I was shocked reading this and thought “this is too good to be true”. I quickly skimmed through the email and it was real. All I had to do was tweet an screenshot of my fitness dashboard showing that I worked out, and I could earn $10 of BTC.

Once I finished reading the email, I quickly got ready, grabbed my phone and airpods, put on my running shoes, and I headed outside. Once I was outside of the house, I immediately began to run, and if I am being completely honest probably the fastest I ran in very long time.

I was so distracted by the fact that I could earn some Bitcoin I did not play any music/podcast/audiobook at the start of my run. It took me about 10 minutes to realize this! I ended up running 8.25 km (a little over 5 miles) at a 6’35” (per km or about 10’30” per mile) pace. I came out of my rut!

In the evening, I took a screenshot of the run from the Nike running Club app and sent out a tweet showing my proof of workout, and submitted the Google Form attached the email.

What the Hell is was created by Balaji S. Srinivasan, who you can find here and follow on Twitter. He is an angel investor and entrepreneur, who founded which was later sold to Coinbase, the former CTO at Coinbase and a General Partner at a16z. is a newsletter that pays you in crypto to complete tasks and tutorials. These tasks/tutorials include working out, creating your own newsletter, setting up your own Ethereum Name Server (ENS) and much more. You can check out this post which goes into even more detail about

I first learnt about (and Balaji) while listening to episode #506 of the Tim Ferris Show. When Balaji brought up the idea about micro incentives being used to motivate others to complete tasks and activities, I thought it was a good concept, but not something that can have a profound impact on somebody. However, this Friday knowing that I had a chance to earn some Bitcoin, I was motivated as ever to go on a run, I ran my fastest mile!

My fastest mile!
My fastest mile!

Anyways, that’s pretty much it about and my personal experience as a member of the community. I would recommend that you go check it out yourself for your opportunities to learn something new, and earn some money earn some 💲💲💲.

Oh, and no, I did not earn $10 of BTC for my workout, but in all honesty that does not matter. The proof of workout provided me with motivation to actually go and workout, which is what is truly important.

PS: The issue should be fixed now, just had to use some good old divs to center everything. Yes, I know the images are not centered and the tweet is not centered. I recently changes the website theme, and I tried to fix this issue, but could not find a solution. Anyways, I will look into it soon